Christie: Despite shortfall, tax cut can be achieved

BELMAR – Despite news from the state’s Treasurer that the administration had to again slash spending in light of recent revenue numbers, Gov. Chris Christie says he will continue to advocate for a tax cut.

The governor says he remains committed to the idea that the Legislature should send him a tax cut proposal with the upcoming budget.

“Absolutely, because at the end of the day, if we pass a tax cut we will cut spending in order to pay for it,” Christie said.

“The fact is that the Legislature has in front of them the option to do what they should do, which is pass a tax cut, leave it to the governor to figure out how to pay for it and if they have any problems with revenues going forward, they have the absolute unilateral ability to stop the tax cut,” he said.

“They have no excuse not to do this and I’m making the commitment to the people of New Jersey that I care more about tax relief than I care about government spending.”

Earlier this week, the Treasurer said there is a projected $132 million shortfall looming for fiscal year 2013, which the administration will address by trimming spending.

The Office of Legislative Services told lawmakers it is possible there will be more than a $700 million shortfall through next fiscal year.

“You know, I’ve figured out how to close plenty of deficits in the last four years and I’ll figure out how to close any shortfall that’s created by passing a tax cut,” Christie said. “So if the folks in the Legislature don’t pass a tax cut, it’s all them.”

  Christie: Despite shortfall, tax cut can be achieved