Christie gets into it with Associate Justice Albin

LAVALLETTE – Gov. Chris Christie today jabbed at Associate Justice Barry Albin of the state Supreme Court over the justice’s remarks at the annual conference of the State Bar Association in Atlantic City.

“When one judge is punished for issuing an unpopular decision, other judges take notice and may be less inclined to invite controversy, perhaps at the expense of the fundamental rights of some disfavored group,” said Albin, as quoted by the Star-Ledger.

Christie famously banished Justice John Wallace from the court in 2010 instead of re-upping him, a politically motivated decision, Albin suggested.

The governor punched back at the justice this morning.

“He can say whatever he wants. He can be as wrong as loudly as he wants to be,” Christie told reporters in reference to Albin’s remarks.

The Republican governor said Albin wants to have it both ways. He wants to chastise the governor for being political and then fulfill the public roles of “judge – and jury” while “playing to the cheap seats” at the conference, Christie said.

Christie gets into it with Associate Justice Albin