Christie goes negative in latest ad

Gov. Chris Christie plans to hit presumptive Democratic gubernatorial nominee with the tax and spend label tomorrow in his first negative television ad of the campaign season.

The ad, Christie’s second, will begin running as part of a more than $800,000 media purchase that was first reported by PolitickerNJ.

“Meet Barbara Buono, Jon Corzine’s budget chair and now running for governor,” the spot says, according to Politico, who obtained the script for the commercial. “Buono voted 154 times to raise our taxes.”

Christie’s first ad, a 60-second spot touting the governor’s first three years in office, began running on cable and network television at the beginning of the month as part of a $1.2 million media purchase.

Buono has yet to go up with an ad and has so far focused her campaign on diner stops and other meet and greets.

The latest poll shows Christie up over Buono in the race 62 to 28 among likely voters.  According to the poll his approval rating is at 68 percent.  But Christie’s strategy from the start has been to come out of the gate fast with a slew of endorsements out of the traditional Democratic base and a heavy fundraising effort.  The hope is to put the race seemingly out of reach early and choke off fundraising to the Democratic contender.

By contrast, Buono is still in the introductory phase, seeking to tell voters who she is and what she stands for.

Christie goes negative in latest ad