Christie: ‘Not my call’ on Rutgers AD Julie Hermann decision

Gov. Chris Christie said let Rutgers University administration decide the fate of Julie Hermann, whom Rutgers University tapped as athletic director to replace Tim Pernetti following a major scandal involving the mental and physical abuse of players by now-terminated men’s basketball coach Mike Rice.

“Not my call,” Christie said during his Ask the Governor Segment on NJ 101.5 radio station. “My job is not to run Rutgers…As governor I’m not going to micromanage every hire at Rutgers University. If I did that, I would have no time to do my job as governor.”

He cautioned listeners to “not engage in the character assassination that’s been going on here” following an expose in The Star Ledger in its Sunday story in which former students at the University of Tennesse, where Herman was a coach, accused her of mental cruelty among others things.

He said he doesn’t personally know or met Hermann, adding, “I’m not the recruiter for Rutgers Univesity.”

Christie pointed out that the letter that the players signed that the newspaper referred to wasn’t signed and was never even seen by Herman.

“What are we supposed to believe here.”

He said he has confidence of Rutgers President Robert Barchi and the Board of Governors to make the decisions they feel fit.

“I’m not going to become the superpresident or super chairman at Rutgers Univeristy. Not my job. My job is to be governor….You have to let them manage.”

Christie: ‘Not my call’ on Rutgers AD Julie Hermann decision