Christie takes action on pending bills

TRENTON – A complete list of the bills Gov. Chris Christie signed into law today are as follows:

A-3352/S-2239 (Vainieri Huttle, McHose, Barnes, Tucker, Fuentes, Stender, Sumter, Dancer, Munoz/Pou, Vitale, Gill) – The “Human Trafficking Prevention, Protection and Treatment Act.”

AJR-55/SJR-44 (Vainieri Huttle, Stender, Wagner, Quijano/Buono, Cunningham) – Designates January of each year as “Human Trafficking Prevention Month.”

AJR-56/SJR-60 (Vainieri Huttle, Stender, Wagner, Quijano, Jasey/Buono, Scutari) – Designates January 11 of each year as “Human Trafficking Awareness Day.”

A-893/S-2257 (McHose/Oroho) – Establishes a process for renewal of DOE issued authorization of certified educational facilities manager.

A-2555/ SCS for S-1681 (Tucker, Wilson, Conaway/Beach, Sarlo) – Permits chief administrator of MVC to waive CDL skills test for certain applicants with military experience operating commercial motor vehicles.

A-2882/S-2034 (Albano, Mosquera, Eustace, Benson, C. J. Brown/Whelan, Beach) – Requires professional boards to provide credits toward requirements for licensure for veterans with substantially equivalent training.

A-3080/SCS for S-2166, 2336 (Schaer, Lampitt, Giblin, Mosquera/Madden, Sweeney, Thompson, Weinberg) – Requires health benefits coverage for refills of prescription eye drops under certain conditions.

A-3410/S-2482 (Diegnan, Jasey, Watson Coleman, Jimenez/Ruiz, Allen) – Requires school districts provide pupil directory information to county vocational schools upon request.

A-3642/ S-2502 (Ramos, Schaer, Stender, Moriarty/Gill, Beach) – Requires homeowners insurance consumer information brochure to contain one page summary of policy.

Christie takes action on pending bills