Christie vetoes EMS bill

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie vetoed, as promised, Thursday a pending bill that would have revised standards and procedures for emergency first responders.

The bill, S1650/A2463, has passed the Assembly along party lines, and previously passed the Senate. It sought to make a variety of changes to how emergency services are conducted, including having EMTs and paramedics submit to criminal history background checks and making the Office of Emergency Medical Services in the Department of Health the lead state agency for the oversight of emergency medical services.

Christie said during a March town hall that he would veto the bill unless it was reworked before hitting his desk.

In his veto message, the governor said more “deliberation” is needed before make such changes.

“Before disturbing our current system of emergency care and rushing headlong into the major overhaul proposed in the bill, prudence dictates that we fully comprehend the consequences of such changes,” Christie said.

Christie vetoes EMS bill