Cop who arrested Moriarty on DUI indicted

The Washington Township police office who arrested Assemblyman Paul Moriarty on DWI charges last summer has been indicted on counts of filing a false police report.

Patrolman Joseph DiBuonaventura was indicted on 14 counts including official misconduct, tampering with public records and false swearing.

DiBuonaventura arrested Moriarty on July 31 and charged him with driving while intoxicated. At the time of the arrest, Moriarty refused a Breathalyzer test, but denied the claim, saying he’d had nothing to drink and had been targeted by the officer.  

Last fall, Moriarty filed 27 criminal counts against the officer, of which 13 were found by a judge to have cause and forwarded to the Gloucester County Prosecutor.  DiBuonaventura has been suspended without pay.

Moriarty was arrested after he left a local Nissan dealer, where he had confronted the manager about the employees’ support for a rival political candidate.  The manager had an employee call the police.  Another officer overheard the phone call and called DiBuonaventura to say she heard information about Moriarty being drunk.  She said she called back later to say she had little information.

DiBuonaventura’s statements to Moriarty about the nature of the stop were contradicted by video recorded by the police cruiser’s dashboard camera.

Moriarty issued a statement following the indictment.

“I have said from the very first day that this officer abused his power, targeted me, hunted me down, and violated my civil rights,” he said. “Today I believe these sweeping indictments validate what I’ve been saying all along. I did nothing wrong that day. I was falsely arrested. My property was seized. My good name was tarnished. I hope now that true justice can take place and my good name restored.” Cop who arrested Moriarty on DUI indicted