CWA hits Christie on lottery plan

The Communications Workers of America today released a 60-second radio spot attacking Gov. Chris Christie on his plan to turn over lottery operations to a private vendor.

The ad, titled “Sketchy,” claims the deal could cost as many as 7,000 jobs when local businesses are factored in.

However, the lottery only employs 136 public workers and early reports said as many as 63 of them could be at risk.  State Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff told an Assembly panel that the group taking over plans to double the staff and current employees can apply for the jobs.  Employees may also be moved within the state government, he told the Assembly Budget Committee.

The spot also claims the deal may be illegal and cites a newspaper editorial saying the deal is too “chummy.”

Legislative Democrats have questioned the deal as has the state’s Democratic Congressional delegation.  

The CWA already has filed a protest with the State Treasurer requesting the deal be scuttled.

  CWA hits Christie on lottery plan