CWA promises to take lottery privatization protest to court

TRENTON – A union representing New Jersey Lottery workers is promising to appeal to court an administrative decision by the Department of Treasury that moves Lottery privatization plans forward.

The Communications Workers of America issued a statement blasting the announcement from Treasury that it intends to move forward with a proposed contract with Northstar New Jersey to run parts of the Lottery. Treasury announced the decision Tuesday that was made by its Division of Purchase and Property late Monday.

“Despite all his bluster about putting New Jersey first, Governor Christie is handing over the keys of a valuable taxpayer-owned asset to a foreign company with a clear history of fraud and abuse,” said Seth Hahn, legislative and political director for CWA, in a statement.

“Christie can claim it’s a mere coincidence that the sole bidder hired his campaign manager and his campaign’s lawyer as lobbyists last year – but New Jerseyans know better,” he said. “Christie stacked the deck against small business owners and taxpayers with this illegal scheme, ensuring that the matter will now be settled in the courts.”

CWA – which has endorsed Christie’s likely Democratic gubernatorial challenger, Sen. Barbara Buono – argued in a hearing a few weeks ago that the contract violated several provision in the law, but the Treasury said its decision to award a pact to Northstar has been upheld.

CWA promises to take lottery privatization protest to court