DeFilippo cashed in $142,000 in vacation time over nine years

TRENTON – The now-resigned head of the Union County Improvement Authority cashed in more than $100,000 in vacation time over nearly a decade.

An examination of Charlotte DeFilippo’s contract showed that in the past nine years for which data was available, DeFilippo collected approximately $142,000 in unused vacation time.

According to her contract, that is allowed. DeFilippo’s contract states that an “employee may elect to either carry over unused vacation days to the following year or to receive compensation in lieu of any unused accrued vacation days.”

The director has cashed in those days at the end of each year for payment. The amount she was compensated each year was based on the per-diem rate of the salary she was making that year.

After last month’s Local Finance Board meeting, in which the chairman harshly criticized her $120,000 salary and perks, DeFilippo strongly defended her record as head of the authority. Because she is reliant on a wheelchair, she works from home, and she said she has saved the authority money down through the years while executing needed projects.

DeFilippo, who also heads the county Democratic Party, accused Neff – an appointee of Republican Gov. Chris Christie – of singling her out.

Neff said today it is the responsibility of the board to scrutinize such expenditures of public monies and strongly denied partisan politics played a role in his criticism. 

DeFilippo has tendered her resignation effective Aug. 1.

Here is a breakdown of each year’s payments for DeFilippo:

2013 $6,187.17
2012 $16,984.38
2011 $19,884.34
2010 $20,168.40
2009 $12,962.04
2008 $19,305.16
2007 $7,974.57
2006 $7,667.88
2005 $12,914.72
2004 $22,139.81

DeFilippo cashed in $142,000 in vacation time over nine years