Do Dogs Really Need Frozen Yogurt?

Uggie the dog. (Getty Images)
Uggie the dog would totally be into frozen treats. (Getty Images)

NYC’s spoiled pets are getting their own frozen yogurt truck in Central Park.

Yappy Treats, run by dog-lover Laura Diaz, will offer appetizing flavors, such as tuna, and will open this weekend at dog-hot-spots. The West 72nd Street dog park, Mariner’s Playground and at West 84th Street and Central Park West will all have them.

The truck is looking to cash in on Manhattan’s legion of pet owners, who will do anything for their four-legged loves. Dog massages and even tattoos are normal on the island.

The extent that owners will go to keep their mutts happy even inspired a TV show, Spoiled Rotten Pets, on Nat Geo Wild last month, including footage of people performing dog weddings.

“It definitely is a new concept. Very few people have seen [a dog ice cream cart],” Ms. Diaz said in an interview with

Probably because dogs have managed thousands of years without frozen yogurt until now. Do Dogs Really Need Frozen Yogurt?