Drop Out of College and Just Go to the University of Reddit

No courses in friend zoning, weirdly enough.

UReddit student. (Photo: Free Code Source)

UReddit student. (Photo: Free Code Source)

Here’s a genius idea to fix our faltering education system: obliterate it and replace everything with the University of Reddit. The earnest site, which has been around since 2010, offers free courses taught by fellow Reddit users. Yeah, you read that right.

There are dozens of classes listed on the site that are pretty much exactly what you’d think would be taught by Reddit users, like computer programming and lessons in StarCraft. The classes are divided into sections, like Art, Music, and Fun and Games–the latter of which is surprisingly not an hour long video tutorial on how not to get caught fapping in your parent’s basement.

So, what else can you learn while simultaneously rubbing your neckbeard? We created the perfect schedule (all times ET):

9:00 AM: Learn How to Draw Human Eyes in PencilsThis is an exhaustively researched, four-part class on how to doodle two eye balls.

11:00 AM:  Journey into Information Theory: The Language of CoinsSadly not about Bitcoins but rather the “epic journey will take us from smoke signals to internet compression and the modern day search for extraterrestrial intelligence.” Fine.

1:00 PM: How Not to Be a Twit on TwitterThis is pre-req for aspiring social media and community managers.

3:00 PM: Wetshaving 101 – Learning the Art of Shaving ProperlyThis is one of those classes where you have to spend money (the “professor” says $20) but facial or leg hair is required!

5:00 PM 45 Minute Full Body Stretch and Strengthening Routine: Haha, OK.

(h/t @ckolderup)

Drop Out of College and Just Go to the University of Reddit