Dwek lawsuit remains unfiled

Earlier this month, Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy claimed he planned to sue his opponent for defamation over an ad featuring surveillance video of a meeting with disgraced FBI informant Solomon Dwek.

But the Fulop camp says the lawsuit was never filed and is another frivolous attempt by Healy to get a headline.

The ad features FBI surveillance video of the meeting. In the video, Dwek is posing as developer Dave Esenbach, who purported to be interested in building a condo complex in Jersey City. The developer can be heard telling Healy that he hopes his application will not end up at the “bottom of the pile” and tells Healy he gave “Jack” $10,000.

“And I’ll do another 10 now,” Dwek can be heard telling Healy. The voiceover tells viewers they are watching surveillance video of Healy making a “$30,000 secret deal with a developer.”

Healy was never charged with a crime.

Asked about the lawsuit, campaign spokesman Joshua Henne said it will eventually be filed.

“Mayor Healy is focused right now on doing his job in City Hall and talking to voters in this final stretch run of the campaign. Fulop defamed Mayor Healy and the suit will be filed at the appropriate time,” Henne said.


Dwek lawsuit remains unfiled