Employee Sues Intel After Being Bullied With a ‘Kick Me’ Sign

Worst on-boarding ever.

(Back to the Future Wiki)

Actual worst coworkers ever. (Back to the Future Wiki)

Today, in lawsuits: A disgruntled employee is suing Intel, after his (jerk) coworkers at Intel’s New Mexico manufacturing facility allegedly stuck a “Kick Me” sign on his back and, yes, kicked him several times, then “laughed hysterically.” Cool company culture, dudes.

The AP reports

“The Intel employee, Harvey Palacio, said in the complaint recently filed in Albuquerque that once he suspected something was taped on his back during the August prank, he went to senior staffer Randy Lehman to ask if something was there.

‘Lehman said turn around and as Palacio did he saw and heard (another employee) yell out `Don’t read it, just do it’,’ the lawsuit said.”

Mr. Lehman then allegedly kicked Mr. Palacio in the butt. He’s been fired and convicted of petty misdemeanor battery, along with another perpetrator. Now Mr. Palacio, claiming the incident wasn’t isolated and arguing the harassment was racially motivated, wants damages from Intel.

Something tells us Intel won’t be taking the top spot in the “America’s Best Workplaces” competition this year.

Employee Sues Intel After Being Bullied With a ‘Kick Me’ Sign