Esquire Network Set to Launch in September

previewThe Esquire Network is officially launching September 23. The channel, which is a rebranding of G4,is going to make their big debut with a two-hour special to commemorate the magazine’s 80th anniversary issue. The original programming will look at the past eight decades, all through the lens of the magazine’s coverage. 

“As Esquire magazine reaches such a significant milestone, it only seems fitting that Esquire Network kick off by celebrating the rich legacy of this iconic brand,” Esquire Network general manager Adam Stotsky said an announcement. “And we will build on this unparalleled 80 year history with a new primetime lineup featuring compelling original programming that hits on the wide-ranging interests, aspirations and passions of men today.”

Although Esquire reading men may have “wide-ranging interests,” they are all interests that are attractive to advertisers.

“Esquire Network is providing advertisers with an opportunity not currently offered by a television network to reach today’s educated, upscale man across multiple platforms,” said Laura Molen the Executive Vice President of Cable Advertising Sales at NBCUniversal.

There will be other original programming, including Brew Dogs, a series about craft breweries across America and Horse Players, which is about high-stakes world of professional horse race handicapping.

But we are mostly excited about American social history as seen through the prism of Hearst’s men’s mag.

Esquire Network Set to Launch in September