Governor Cuomo Doesn’t Want to Talk About Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner, the man Gov. Cuomo wants to be asked about. (Photo: Getty)

The candidate Gov. Cuomo appreciates being asked about. (Photo: Getty)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t want to talk about Anthony Weiner. He really doesn’t–seriously.

“I appreciate that you continue to ask questions that you know that I don’t want to answer,” Mr. Cuomo accordingly deadpanned earlier today when faced with yet another question on Mr. Weiner, this one about the scandal-scarred mayoral candidate’s recent rise in the polls.

“I respect your perseverance,” he added. “I hope that you respect my discipline.”

Perhaps ironically given his last not-quite-a-joke “shame on us” reaction when asked about Mr. Weiner’s potential victory–which he unconvincingly insisted was humor–the crowd of reporters laughed at today’s remark.

Mr. Cuomo, who was announcing the state’s new texting-while-driving penalties, also informed the media that he was not going to be providing opinions on the mayoral race’s daily developments.

“The mayoral election has a long way to go,” he said. “It’s going to be a long campaign, let’s see what happens. I’m  sure there will be a lot of twists and turn. There normally are. It seems like a more interesting race than usual … So, let’s see how it goes, but I don’t intend to comment on the twists and turns of the New York City mayoral election.” Governor Cuomo Doesn’t Want to Talk About Anthony Weiner