Greenstein holds early lead in 14th money race

In what may come down to being the premier race of the legislative season, state Sen. Linda Greenstein has a heavy lead over Republican Peter Inverso in the early 14th District money race.

To date Greenstein has raised just over $59,000 in her re-election bid, while Inverso, who represented the 14th in the Senate for 16 years, has raised $8,725, including $8,200 from the campaign account of Republican Minority Leader Sen. Tom Kean Jr.

Heading into the summer months, Greenstein has $45,831 on hand while Inverso holds just what he has raised so far.

Contests in the 14th have traditionally been expensive affairs.  In 2011, Greenstein and Assembly running mates Dan Benson and Wayne DeAngelo spent about $1 million to defeat their Republican challengers.

Inverso jumped into the contest at the 11th hour and will likely receive heavy support from state Republicans provided the race remains close.  Greenstein is perhaps the most battle tested legislator in the Senate and has had little trouble dispatching two well-known Republicans in the past two contests.

Democrats want to keep the seat, which Greenstein won in 2010, in Democratic hands and will likely provide strong monetary support for Greenstein, who has already begin to rack up union endorsements in the public employee heavy 14th.

Greenstein holds early lead in 14th money race