‘Guillermo William Billy Thompson’ Battles for Bronx Votes

Today's press conference.

Today’s press conference.

As the four biggest Democratic mayoral campaigns push against one another for every voter in the five boroughs, their focus has often turned to the Bronx, home to constituencies that none of them can lay natural claim to.

And, earlier today, former Comptroller Bill Thompson was the latest to announce Bronx officials’ endorsements in the form of Congressman José Serrano and his son, State Senator José Serrano. The duo labeled Mr. Thompson a “coalition builder” who can reach out to their heavily Hispanic communities.

“Billy Thompson is a coalition builder and he is a person who fully understands this city,” Congressman Serrano declared. “We support him because he knows that we also have the kind of respect in our community, where starting this afternoon, many people will begin to understand that–maybe, perhaps and surely–this is the candidacy for our community.”

Just in case anyone missed the importance of the Latino vote in this year’s elections, Congressman Serrano said “it is very fashionably now in our country to be pro-immigration reform,” while stating Mr. Thompson had always been with him on the immigration issue.

He further  introduced the former comptroller as “Guillermo William Billy Thompson.”

Two of Mr.  Thompson’s rivals have already announced Bronx endorsements. Council Speaker Christine Quinn announced the support of State Senator Gustavo Rivera a month ago and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio soon followed with State Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Assemblyman Luis Sepulveda. ‘Guillermo William Billy Thompson’ Battles for Bronx Votes