How Much Would You Pay for A Perfectly-Sized Bra? (Video)

The new bra sizing equation. (Not shown.)
The new bra sizing equation. (Not shown.)
Jockey has come out with a new way of sizing women…and it’s already gotten some pickup in The New York Times and on the Today show. For anyone who hated calling out their cup size, the new Jockey bras might be for you.

According to the Times article, these new bras are “fitted” by having you place your breast into a molded, plastic “cup” (the trial process, since you can only by the bras online or at a Jockey boutique, will cost you $19.95…but you get a $20 rebate once you’ve bought into the program). Then:

Customers are meant to try on the cups and see what works best, then measure their rib cage. Someone with a 34-inch rib cage and medium-size breasts might wear a 5-34 or a 6-34, for instance.

“Medium-size” breasts? That sounds exactly right…right?

Then Today had its own spin:
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Now, we have learned, bra sizing is all about the volumetric experience, which makes sense, since most of us are 3-D.

Al Roker brings up a good, if somewhat uncomfortable (for him) point: This would only work for Jockey bras, which would run women $60 without the kit. So Jeez…how much would it cost to switch all your bras over to this new sizing system…especially considering that most modern women are wearing the wrong-size bustier? How Much Would You Pay for A Perfectly-Sized Bra? (Video)