IBEW Local 102 backs Christie’s re-election

Arguing that Gov. Chris Christie has brought “much needed balance” to the state, IBEW Local 102 today endorsed the incumbent Republican governor.

“His no-nonsense approach to government has been a breath of fresh air,” said Patrick DelleCava, business manager of IBEW Local 102. “The most important remedy to our struggling economy is private sector investment and growth.  Governor Christie is the first governor to take seriously the competition within our nation and abroad to attract businesses here.  Through Choose N.J. and the business Action Center he has already done more to put our families to work than our last few governors.”

DelleCava cited the governor’s signing of the Higher Education Bill, his implementation of alternate energy, and response to Hurricane Sandy as key accomplishments.

“Listening in on the Governor’s conference calls during those tenuous days following ‘Hurricane Sandy’ one couldn’t help but admire his command of the situation,” DelleCava said. “His exemplary performance during and following one of our state’s worst tragedies shall remain an inspiration to us all. Christie is ‘battle tested’ and will always fight the tough fight for our citizens – we are proud to endorse him.” IBEW Local 102 backs Christie’s re-election