ICYMI, Larry Ellison Owns a Big Chunk of Malibu Now

Fact: Larry Ellison never leaves the house without his YOLO hoodie.

Maybe he's just got the soul of a collector.

Maybe he’s just got the soul of a collector.

What’s a guy gotta to do get a little peace and quiet in Tinseltown? One tech billionaire isn’t taking any chances. The L.A. Times reports that Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO and seafarer, has snapped up almost two dozen pieces of property in sunny Malibu. This is in addition to his ownership of the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

Hey, in the New Digital Age ™, privacy is the most valuable commodity there is.

According to the Times:

Ellison has spent an estimated $200 million to $250 million through at least nine purchases, in one case of multiple homes, on coveted Carbon Beach. Along the way, the software tycoon dropped millions on a wooded estate near the Franciscan friars in gated Serra Retreat. He also has bought an inland tennis club, Casa Malibu Inn and coastal restaurant property.

What, you don’t own your own tennis club? Poseur.

While Mr. Ellison declined to comment to the Times, his real estate agent explained the appeal of this particular slice of country: “There are only so many seats in the front row,”  he said, adding, “If you take the best section and the most prime property, that’s inherently a great investment.”

At least Mr. Ellison isn’t buying up landlocked desert property miles from anywhere. Anyone who saw Superman knows how that ends.

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ICYMI, Larry Ellison Owns a Big Chunk of Malibu Now