Joe Lhota Releases His Own TV Ad

A screenshot from Joe Lhota's first TV ad.

A screenshot from Joe Lhota’s first TV ad.

A day after John Catsimatidis hit the airwaves with the first television ad of the mayor’s race, his chief Republican rival, Joe Lhota, has come out with one, too.

The ad, titled “Joe is New York,” focuses on Mr. Lhota’s working class background, his role in the Giuliani administration during 9/11 attacks and his work restoring the subways after Hurricane Sandy.

“In these uncertain times, only one candidate for mayor has already proven he’s ready: Joe Lhota,” says a male announcer over a dramatic score perhaps reminiscent of the music played in lineups for Disney theme park rides.

The ad features plenty of shots of Mr. Lhota as a kid as well as smiling and greeting shoppers, storekeepers–and a requisite baby.

“From his leadership during 9/11, to getting the subways running again so quickly after Sandy, Joe has gotten the job done for New York. Joe Lhota is New York.  And he’s ready to be our Mayor,” it says.

Many question how effective TV spots are this early in the race, but Mr Lhota’s  campaign spokeswoman, Jessica Proud, said the ad was intended to “introduce Joe to New Yorkers who may not know him yet.”

The 30-second spot will begin airing Thursday on cable stations across the city. It’s unclear how much cash the campaign is actually laying out.

“I cant discuss the specifics of our internal strategy,” said Ms. Proud, “but it’s a substantial buy that will be airing on cable stations across the city.”

View the ad below:


Joe Lhota Releases His Own TV Ad