Jon Stewart weighs in on Christie’s lap-band surgery

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart poked fun at reporters and talking heads who speculated Gov. Chris Christie’s clandestine lap-band surgery was done with a bid for the White House in mind.

“Why else would a 50-year-old man with young children and a loving family take steps to address obesity and extend his life? Why else?” Stewart asked.

“It is a classic presidential run tell,” joked the host of Comedy Central’s satire show.

The bit ran Tuesday evening just hours after Christie held an impromptu news avail in Newark at an event that was originally slated to be a public appearance only with no press availability.

The governor insisted the weight-loss procedure had nothing to do with his future ambition and everything to do with his health.

“Can’t a guy get healthy? Without the prognosticators … ‘Oh, what does it mean?” It means he doesn’t feel well,” Stewart said. “And wants to feel better.” Jon Stewart weighs in on Christie’s lap-band surgery