Judge tosses Healy lawsuit

A judge has denied an injunction and dismissed the complaint filed by the campaign of Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy claiming that an outside group was colluding with Healy’s opponent in the race for mayor of the state’s second largest city.

Healy had alleged that Better Education for New Jersey Kids was acting in concert with the campaign of challenger Steve Fulop, which is against state laws governing campaign finance.

According to the complaint, the outside group used snippets of Fulop’s commercials in its own ads, leading to the collusion charge.

A spokesman for the group said the suit was nothing more than a distraction.

“Today was a victory for the kids of Jersey City,” Executive Director Mike Lilley said. “The court’s decision confirms that there was no factual basis for the Healy campaign’s allegations against Better Education for NJ Kids. Filing a suit at this late date was merely an attempt to distract Jersey City voters from the real issues in this election.”

Judge tosses Healy lawsuit