Kean decries Sweeney’s tactic of pulling bills from agendas

TRENTON – Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, (R-21), of Westfield accused Senate President Steve Sweeney Monday of letting “politically charged emotions” get in the way of the people’s business, as evidenced by his removal of Republican-sponsored bills from various committee agendas.

The bills pulled from today’s agendas include ones on the closure of landfills, child pornography, beach replenishment, the Jessica Lunsford sex offenders bill, and others.

Kean also called for action on ending the practice of giving lucrative payouts for unused sick days.

“Enough is enough with six-figure (sick-time) payouts,” he said, using the “boat checks” phrase made popular by Gov. Chris Christie to describe the very generous payouts.

He said taxpayers should not have to pay millions of dollars because government employees were fortunate enough to be healthy throughout their careers. Doing so means higher property taxes in the short- and long-term, he said.

“They should be ashamed to continually put politics before people,” Kean said during a press conference today to tout the state GOP legislative agenda.

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List of bills pulled from agendas

Kean decries Sweeney’s tactic of pulling bills from agendas