Microsoft Might Have Finally Figured Out a Way to Reward Your TV Watching Habits

This is what dreams are made of.



Your dream might finally come true: Microsoft is possibly developing an achievement program through its Kinect device to reward viewers who sit through hours of watching television. The Verge has dug up a patent application filed in 2011 by the company looking to, dare we say, disrupt your couch potato time.

Microsoft suggests that the traditional television viewing model should be upended to create more engagement by adding rewards and prizes. By increasing engagement, its plan could be fruitful for advertisers looking to grab eyeballs in the increasingly difficult arena.

“Producers, distributors, and advertisers of the video content may set viewing goals and award a viewer who has reached the goals,” the application states. Viewers could receive cool things, like avatars, badges or coupons as a reward.

That would all be achieved through “an action performable by the viewer,” like sitting on the couch as Kinect monitors a person’s depth, audio, and movement. The patent application goes into detail on how it would achieve this by automatically creating reports of viewer behaviors to send back to the company for prizes.

As the Verge notes, it’s not a done deal and is just merely a patent application. But the upcoming Xbox One console is primed with voice and motion censors making this is not a “huge surprise” if this idea comes to fruition.

Whatever, we’re watching this season of Real Housewives of Orange County so at least we should be rewarded with something that isn’t a loss of brain cells. Microsoft Might Have Finally Figured Out a Way to Reward Your TV Watching Habits