Morning Digest: May 27, 2013

Lesniak focuses on primary

ROSELLE – The platform jutted theatrically above the crowd, giving each speaker an opportunity to indulge a papal air, or at least affect something of the bearing of Juan Peron. PolitickerNJ



Buono not disappointed Obama visiting Christie at shore

SPOTSWOOD – Barbara Buono said she doesn’t take President Barack Obama’s scheduled boardwalk jaunt with Gov. Chris Christie as a slight. PolitickerNJ

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Dole: GOP needs rethink

Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole says he doesn’t believe he could make it in the modern Republican Party. Politico



Obama tours tornado destruction

A grim-faced President Barack Obama on Sunday toured suburban Oklahoma City neighborhoods devastated by last week’s deadly tornado, consoled families of the victims and thanked first responders, and assured residents: “We’ve got your back.” Politico



Authors of debunked austerity paper lash out at Krugman

The researchers behind a much-disputed paper on austerity are lashing out against Paul Krugman over his criticisms of the data. Huffington Post



Partisan gridlock thwarts effort to alter health law

WASHINGTON — When he talks to Republicans in Congress, Scott DeFife, a restaurant industry lobbyist, speaks their language: President Obama’s health care law is a train wreck well down the track. There will be collateral damage if changes are not made. Friends of the industry cannot sit back and let that happen. NY Times



N.J. officials slam Rutgers over reports AD abused players

Political leaders from across the state reacted with a mix of dismay and astonishment yesterday that Rutgers found itself flush with yet-more controversy after Julie Hermann, the school’s athletic director in waiting, had been accused of mental and verbal abuse by former players while she was the volleyball coach at the University of Tennessee. Star-Ledger



Substance abuse clinics brace for influx as Medicaid expansion looms

About 100,000 New Jersey residents with little or no health insurance are poised to become eligible for Medicaid, and providers of drug and alcohol abuse treatment services are bracing for a flood of patients that may exceed the current capacities of the nation’s mental health and addiction clinics. Trenton Times



In South Jersey, what Buono campaign?

Has Barbara Buono forsaken South Jersey? Or has South Jersey forsaken Barbara Buono? Inquirer



Archbishop addresses priest scandal

Churchgoers in the Archdiocese of Newark on Sunday were read a letter written by Archbishop John J. Myers, who for the first time addressed a scandal in which a formerWyckoff assistant pastor has been charged with violating a ban on ministering to children. Record



N.J. resort may make boardwalk musicians get permits

OCEAN CITY, N.J. (AP) — A southern New Jersey resort town may soon require musicians to get permits before they will be allowed to solicit money on its Boardwalk. Associated Press



Bill would give teachers new career ladder to climb

As it stands now, there’s not much of a career ladder for teachers in New Jersey — if they want to keep teaching. NJ Spotlight


The coming shake-out over higher education

Just as markets over-built housing, mispriced mortgages and bid up prices beyond the real financial capacity of homebuyers, America’s colleges and universities have over-expanded and over-priced their product. We are getting an education bubble with dynamics similar to the late housing bubble. Kuttner, Huffington Post



The other GOP candidate for governor

Gov. Christie is not yet running for reelection against state Sen. Barbara Buono (D., Middlesex). He is not officially the Republican party nominee until he defeats his GOP opponent in the June 4 primary election. That opponent is me. Grossman, Inquirer



Rutgers back on defense with latest AD controversy

Rutgers was back in bunker mode Sunday, silent in the wake of yet another self-inflicted blow to its scandal-plagued athletic department. But if university officials chose to keep themselves and embattled athletic director appointee Julie Hermann shut off from public comment, their silence won’t sell for long. Sullivan, Record


Morning Digest: May 27, 2013