Morning Digest: May 8, 2013

Bishop Jackson does robocall for Fulop

Following up on his endorsement of Steve Fulop, Bishop Reginald Jackson did a robocall tonight for the Jersey City mayoral candidate. Politicker


Christie on lap band surgery: It’s nobody’s business

NEWARK – Gov Chris Christie said today that his recent lap band surgery to help him drop weight had nothing to do with his future ambition and everything to do with his health. Politicker


Bramnick stays on offense in upcoming ad

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) and some GOP candidates in swing disricts are jabbing at Democrats in a new web ad set to be released on on Thursday and Friday. Politicker


From the Back Room

Garcia on the ballot

The state Supreme Court this afternoon denied the plaintiffs’ petition to remove Carmelo Garcia from the ballot as an LD 33 candidate for the Assembly in the June 4 Democratic primary, allowing the Appellate Division decision to stand. Politicker


Latest from State Street Wire

Burzichelli questions Motor Vehicle fees diversion to general fund

TRENTON – Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D-3) of Paulsboro questioned why the Motor Vehicle Commission has been generating and providing so much of the revenue from motorist fees, a large percentage of which goes to the general fund. State Street Wire

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Obama attends secretive fundraiser

President Obama is attending a DNC fundraiser at the St. Regis Hotel in Washington. That much we know. Politico


Immigration battle: Rubio vs. DeMint

Tea party heavyweights Marco Rubio and Jim DeMint are on opposite sides of the immigration debate – and they’re duking it out for the support of the movement. Politico


Boehner on debt ceiling: Pay China first, then U.S. troops

WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday essentially agreed with Democrats’ arguments that a Republican bill to prioritize debt payments would put China before U.S. troops — except he suggested that would be a good thing. Huffington Post


Hospital prices no longer secret

When a patient arrives at Bayonne Hospital Center in New Jersey requiring treatment for the respiratory ailment known as COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, she faces an official price tag of $99,690. Huffington Post


Christie weight loss may be key if White House bound

Governor Chris Christie’s acknowledgment of having secret stomach surgery may reassure voters who’ve wondered whether he’s fit to be president. Bloomberg


Buono may fall short on state money

TRENTON – State Sen. Barbara Buono’s campaign fund-raising in her bid to be governor lags so badly that without a major push in the next four weeks, she risks not maximizing state matching money in her run against Gov. Christie. Associated Press


Camden lays off teachers, aides

In a swift meeting Tuesday evening in which none of the Camden Board of Education members answered any questions from worried school employees, the board approved the layoff of nearly 100 teachers and support staff and all 113 lunch aides. Inquirer


Jersey City Ward E preview: Filling Fulop’s seat

Jersey City’s downtown has seen the biggest revival in the city. Long-time downtown residents such as At-Large Council candidate Sean Connelly say its new sheen is deceiving: growing up in Ward E was no easy thing in the ’60s and ’70s. More recent residents — say, from the 1990s — can remember an affordable hub where artists and galleries could thrive. Jersey City Independent

DCA holds off on giving Trenton hotel $200,000

The word came down from high tonight: More money for the city-owned hotel is a no-go. Trenton Times


S. Carolina returns ex-governor to Congress

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. — As political rehabilitations go, few can match what happened to Mark Sanford on Tuesday night. NY Times



N.J. seeks solution to rampant heroin problem

The scene could have played out in dozens of inner cities nationwide over the past 50 years: As kids poured out of Paterson School 6 into the bustling streets of the city’s 4th Ward, a weary-eyed 17-year-old boy, his arms covered in tattoos and his face spotted with acne, left his apartment and approached a sedan idling on the corner. Record



Say no to people who want your PIN

People are aware of online “phishing” scams where bad guys con you into giving up your Social Security or credit card numbers, bank account information and other personal data that can be used for nefarious purposes. South Jersey Times


Christie’s privacy defense only goes so far

Gov. Christie complained with contempt Tuesday about the image-obsessed media that badgered him into explaining the secret weight-loss surgery he had in Manhattan in February. Stile, Record


Morning Digest: May 8, 2013