Morning Links: Paula Deen Edition

Deen and Steve Doocy on the 2012 'Fox and Friends' Christmas Special. (Getty Images)
Deen and Steve Doocy on the 2012 ‘Fox and Friends’ Christmas Special. (Getty Images)

“Artist and human rights activist Ai Weiwei has released a heavy-metal single called “Dumbass'”—meant to reconstruct his 81-day detention in 2011, which was part of an overall crackdown on dissent by the Chinese government.” With video! [The Telegraph]

And Jonathan Jones argues that Mr. Ai is a “modern master in his moment.” He writes, “It’s like being the contemporaries of Beuys in the 1970s or Marcel Duchamp when he was calling that urinal art.” [The Guardian]

Notes from the scene at Art Basel Hong Kong. [Bloomberg]

Georgina Adam takes stock of the Hong Kong art world. [TAN]

Jeannette Montgomery Barron’s new book Scene forces Ralph Gardner Jr. to confront the fact that he is not cool. [WSJ]

If you’re in Los Angeles on Friday, this performance and screening night organized by Silke Otto-Knapp sounds like it will be pretty great. [ABAB]

The Museum of the Moving Image in Queens is creating a gallery dedicated to Jim Henson. [NYT]

Paula Deen will, uh, soon have her own museum. [LAT]

Morning Links: Paula Deen Edition