Morning Media Mix

NewspapersTime to wake up. The holiday weekend is over and the future of news is now.

Viral news site BuzzFeed announced last night that they have partnered with (one-time) cable news titan CNN on a new Youtube channel, unimaginatively titled CNN BuzzFeed. The partnership’s first effort is a montage of archival CNN coverage of dangerous rescues, set to inspiring music and a voiceover from Ze Frank, Buzzfeed’s executive vice-president of video. (The Hollywood Reporter)

In the spirit of this brave new media world, we present our very own listicle. Here are the six most awkward stories BuzzFeed wrote about their new partner:

6. CNN Gets ObamaCare Decision Wrong
5. CNN’s Jaw-Droppingly Awful Hour Of Boston Bombing Coverage
4. CNN’s 24 Hours of Poop Ship
3. CNN’s New Morning Show Promo Is Basically A Target Commercial
2. Jon Stewart’s 11 Most Epic CNN Rants
1. 13 Old CNN Episodes You’ll Never Rent For $1.99 On YouTube

And here’s some other media news to start your day:

British paper The Mirror is launching Us vs Th3m, a Buzzfeed clone. You can tell it’s aimed at the youth demo because it uses a 3 instead of an uncool “e.” (The Media Briefing)

Newspapers are dying, specifically in public high schools: “Fewer than one in eight of the city’s public high schools reported having a newspaper or print journalism class.” (The New York Times)

When the Department of Justice subpoenaed phone records from Fox News reporters, they were supposed to notify News Corp. Justice says they did, but News Corp says they didn’t. (Reuters)

Rupert Murdoch spent yesterday trying to prove that Muslims are evil by tweeting Quran verses out of context. (Washington Times)

Morning Media Mix