Morning Media Mix

NewspapersThe social media editor is dead! Long live the editor of emerging media! Yesterday, former Huffington Post social media editor Rob Fishman wrote an article on Buzzfeed titled “The Social Media Editor Is Dead.” Many on Twitter were dismissive of his argument.

Hours later, the Wall Street Journal announced that it had promoted(?) its social media editor Liz Heron to “Editor, Emerging Media.” (Buzzfeed/Romenesko)

Now, for the rest of the day’s media news:

What if Eric Holder held an off the record briefing and nobody came? The New York Times, the Associated Press, The Huffington Post, McClatchy, and CNN all declined his invitation to meet with the attorney general off-the-record. Politico, The Washington Post, and ABC are still planning to attend the meeting, while NBC hasn’t made up its mind. (The Huffington Post)

AP CEO Gary Pruitt told his staff that the Department of Justice had seized “thousands and thousands” of AP reporters’ call records. (The Huffington Post)

MSNBC fell to fourth place among cable news networks in May, with only 539,000 primetime viewers—fewer than Fox News (almost 2 million), CNN (660,000), and even HLN (624,000). (The New York Times)

CNN added two new political commentators—Democratic strategist Stephanie Cutter and Republican strategist evin Madden. See, they’re balanced! (CNN)

The Onion imagined a Buzzfeed plagiarism scandal, with a promising young reporter being accused of plagiarizing…a slideshow about llamas. Buzzfeed responded with a slideshow about llamas. (The Onion/Buzzfeed)

Morning Media Mix