Morning Read: ‘A Smear Campaign That Is Long on Repetitive Rhetoric’

amNewYork today. (Photo: Newseum)

(Photo: Newseum)

Headline of the Day: “Sal: Squeeze Weiner for cost of election.”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s aide forwarded New York Post columnist Fred Dicker‘s email to other reporters: “Monday, Vlasto forwarded that exchange to ten reporters with the subject ‘off the record’ and wrote, ‘Just to clean of conscience, I never denied she was leaving. I, in fact, confirmed it.’ ‘Vlasto, in his grammatically challenged blast to other journalists this morning, created a totally false straw man by saying he ‘never denied’ Glazer was leaving,’ Dicker told POLITICO. ‘Well, I never wrote that Vlasto did deny it, just that he handed my story to someone else.’”

This was written before the devastating tornado hit Oklahoma, so Rep. Anthony Weiner‘s plan to fill the news cycle may have been modified since, but Politico reports Mr. Weiner “is set to declare his candidacy by video this week, likely on Tuesday or Wednesday.” Politicker heard the Wednesday date from several sources as well but the information was second-hand.

Comptroller John Liu scored a nice endorsement from CWA Local 1180. “The rich and powerful in our city fear him because they can’t handle the truth,” union president Arthur Cheliotes said. “By speaking truth to power, he has become the target of a smear campaign that is long on repetitive rhetoric and innuendo but short on the facts.”

On Road to City Hall last night, Bill Thompson was asked if he had any hesitation in trumpeting the support of Rep. Greg Meeks, who has been the target of various investigations. “No, I think I have full faith in Congressman Meeks,” Mr. Thompson replied. “I think he’s been an excellent leader out in Queens … I had no second thoughts, no hesitation.”

The tabloid war against Speaker Shelly Silver continued this morning. The Daily News editorialized that his supporters were “all complicit in sneering at the law” and columnist Bill Hammond penned a critical column in the publication as well. The Post blasted Mr. Cuomo, whose governorship “will be held hostage by Shelly’s corruption.”

And John Catsimatidis has a new mailer out where he says he could have been doing a better job at the MTA than his Republican rival, Joe Lhota. “Years of mismanagement is being balanced on the back of Staten Islanders,” the ad reads. “John has the business acumen to restore the MTA to fiscal soundness.”
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Morning Read: ‘A Smear Campaign That Is Long on Repetitive Rhetoric’