Morning Read: ‘Give a Damn About John Liu’

Headline of the Day: “Diaz: Que es mas macho, Cuomo o blood-sucking windmills?” The Wall Street Journal delved into the

Steve Buscemi. (Photo: Getty)
Steve Buscemi supports Bill de Blasio, just so you know. (Photo: Getty)

Headline of the Day: “Diaz: Que es mas macho, Cuomo o blood-sucking windmills?”

The Wall Street Journal delved into the world of celebrity endorsements in the mayoral race: “Nearly one in five New York City voters tell pollsters they are unmoved by the half-dozen Democratic contenders running for mayor. But will they listen to Susan Sarandon?”

The trial against two former aides to Comptroller John Liu is heading to jury. “I don’t represent John Liu,” one aide’s lawyer said, arguing his client was caught up in a failed sting against Mr. Liu. “I don’t give a damn about John Liu. But that’s what this case is. That’s how we got here. And they’re now struggling to make this a federal case. This case doesn’t belong in this courthouse.”

Speaker Chris Quinn thinks her colleague Dan Halloran needs to go further than ceasing his re-election bid and resign immediately. His constituents, she argued, need a legislator “100 percent focused on representing them. Clearly, with the outrageously unacceptable allegations that are pending, both as they relate to the federal indictment and to recent allegations of sexual harassment, he is far from 100 percent focused on his constituents.”

A long-standing rumor against Councilman David Greenfield emerged in force yesterday, with an unnamed source and an ex-staffer alleging he used a pen name to publish favorable news pieces about himself in local Jewish media. For his part, Mr. Greenfield called it a “vicious lie” and some evidence suggests the name was invested in at least some topics the councilman was unlikely to have addressed.

The New York Times aired the film industry’s harsh criticism of Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s hastily-drafted gun control bill: “Industry officials said they tried to warn Mr. Cuomo’s office, as it was drafting a gun control bill, that the legislation could affect the film and television production. They were joined by Mr. Bloomberg’s office, which says it told the governor’s office.”

The mother of slain teen Alphonza Bryant wrote an op-ed endorsing stop-and-frisk while, at the same time, not sounding as enthusiastic as Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “Stop-and-frisks are random. Does it apply to every child that wears a hoodie?” she asked. “It should be modified — it’s not working the way they intended. Out of so many stop-and-frisks, how many people stopped have handguns?”

And Councilman Jumaane Williams and Commissioner Ray Kelly were among those discussing the police tactic on ABC last night.

Morning Read: ‘Give a Damn About John Liu’