Morning Read: ‘John Liu Will Spontaneously Combust’

Today's New Yorker cover.

Today’s New Yorker cover.

Headline of the Day: “Who’s screwed by Weiner’s entry.”

The New York Post reports from an event Anthony Weiner skipped yesterday: “‘I was, like, ‘Where’s Weiner?!’’ said Forest Hills resident Frankie Esposito, 45. ‘I figured he’d come out to see his constituents. I don’t know if I support him as mayor. Taking a shot of his package and sending it out is questionable judgment for a public figure.'”

At the event he did attend, Mr. Weiner compared faith to a car’s GPS device: “If you make a wrong turn, it doesn’t shut off, it doesn’t break, it doesn’t yell at you, it just says ‘recalculating.’ So to me it’s a perfect metaphor for what faith is to me and maybe what it is to you .. It’s an unjudgmental thing. You can make 10 wrong turns in a row, and it whispers, ‘recalculating.’”

While New York makes a prediction or two on the mayoral race. Here’s one for Comptroller John Liu: “(5) John Liu will spontaneously combust. A recent, typical itinerary: up before dawn to read; deliver son to school; eight hours in the comptroller’s office; four campaign stops, dashing from the West Village to Bay Ridge to Sunnyside to Howard Beach for a church pastor’s anniversary banquet that ends after 11 p.m.”

And the Daily News reported that Speaker Shelly Silver‘s future is still uncertain. Whether or not there’s a coup d’etat against him reportedly depends on whether additional details come out from former Assemblyman Vito Lopez‘s sexual harassment scandal or if Mr. Silver becomes an electoral weapon against incumbents. The News further provided an odds chart for his potential replacement.

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Morning Read: ‘John Liu Will Spontaneously Combust’