Morning Read: ‘Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword’

The Post tars both Assemblyman Lopez and Speaker Silver. (photo:


Headline of the Day: “From Sampson advocating a shield to advocating a hit list?”

Alternative: “If I run, I’ll run hard: Weiner.”

In the wake of yesterday’s damning allegations against Assemblyman Vito Lopez, calls for Speaker Shelly Silver‘s head have increased. The Daily News demanded the Assembly “dump” Mr. Silver, for example, while the New York Post said Mr. Silver’s continued influence is “the real scandal.” And Post columnist Fred Dicker penned a piece entitled, “Time’s up! Shameful Shelly has got to go.”

Mr. Lopez’s attorney, Gerald Lefcourt, certainly had no problem kicking sand into Mr. Silver’s face along the way either. “It is no secret, except perhaps from the public, that stories of the speaker’s serial and sometimes overlapping personal relationships with his own staff have long circulated in Albany,” he declared in a letter. A Silver spokesman rejected the claims.

The was fast. The same day the Post reported that mayoral candidate Bill Thompson, once friendly with Mr. Lopez, may back his Council bid, Mr. Thompson said this: “There is no place in government for Assemblyman Lopez … There’s no place in the Assembly for Assemblyman Lopez. There’s no place in the City Council for Assemblyman Lopez also … There is no place in government for Assemblyman Lopez … There is no place in government for him.”

While The New York Times looked at former GOP Senator Al D’Amato‘s passionate support for Mr. Thompson, a Democrat whom he said “doesn’t frighten business … They don’t have fear of Bill Thompson, that he’s going to do some radical proposal that’s going to hurt their business.” In contrast, he said, Council Speaker Chris Quinn represents “old-style bossism, cronyism, of the worst kind.”

Quinn spokesman Mike Morey didn’t take kindly to the charge, however: “Al D’Amato accusing someone of bossism is like the Kardashians calling someone gaudy,” he told the Times. “Knowing what we know about antichoice, anti-gun-control, anti-Medicare Al D’Amato, voters should decide whether he’s supporting Bill Thompson because he agrees with him on the issues or because he thinks it will help his lobbying business.”

Former Rep. Anthony Weiner yesterday dismissed reports that he’s having a hard time filling key positions in his campaigns. “We’re going to make a decision soon … A matter of days,” he further insisted. Mr. Weiner then made a cryptic remark to photographers following him: “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” NY1 is reporting Mr. Weiner’s mayoral announcement will be next week.

And yet another mayoral contender, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, discussed his proposal for a municipal identification card for undocumented immigrants both on Road to City Hall and at a street renaming press conference:

Morning Read: ‘Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword’