Morning Read: ‘Pointing to the Brood II Insect Outbreak’

Anthony Weiner's post-debate gaggle yesterday. (Photo: Jill Colvin)

Anthony Weiner’s post-debate gaggle yesterday. (Photo: Jill Colvin)

Headline of the Day: “Vito Lopez Is Now a Sandwich.”

Brooklyn-Queens NOW PAC is endorsing Ken Thompson over incumbent Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes. “We have confidence that he will never turn a blind eye to sexual harassment and other forms of abuse against women,” a statement released to Politicker read, perhaps an reference to Albany’s Vito Lopez scandal that Mr. Hyne’s rivals have attempted to link to him. “His record … demonstrates that he is a staunch ally of women and families.”

Mr. Hynes, however, scored an even bigger–although expected–endorsement last night with the Brooklyn Democratic Party. The organization also endorsed Councilwoman Tish James for public advocate and State Senator Eric Adams for Brooklyn borough president. Party head Frank Seddio didn’t seem willing to consider Brooklyn-born Anthony Weiner for mayor, whom he slammed as “typical selfish Anthony Weiner,” and “outrageous.”

Mr. Weiner’s debate performance yesterday was widely covered, of course, but the aspect many publications prominently noted was his question-answering posture. Indeed, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, New YorkCity & State and Capital New York all included his standing tendencies in at least the first paragraph, if not the headline.

It doesn’t seem that GOP mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota is keeping in touch with Bernie Kerik, the disgraced Giuliani administration police commissioner released from prison on tax charges yesterday. “First I’m hearing about it,” Mr. Lhota said when asked about Mr. Kerik’s release party. “I haven’t spoken to him in three and a half years.”

Staten Island’s Guy Molinari, everyone: “Pointing to the Brood II insect outbreak sweeping the Island,” Mr. Molinari slammed a City Council candidate with, “Like a cicada, he may be soon emerging from his long sleep. Maybe now, after his hibernation, Mr. Matteo will not have Mr. Oddo or a hired ‘spokesperson’ speak for him, stand on his own two feet and respond .”

And Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm really, really didn’t like his Democratic colleagues whacking him for not denouncing Hurricane Sandy aid-opposing Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He released this statement yesterday evening:

“I take a backseat to no one when it comes to fighting for Sandy aid and my constituents know that. I find it disgusting and deeply disappointing that several of my Democratic colleagues have so quickly forgotten our bipartisan effort to secure aid for NY, only to become mouthpieces for the Democratic Party’s political agenda. To use an event as tragic as Sandy to try and score a few cheap political points is beyond reprehensible, and I expect more from my NYC colleagues, who quite frankly should know better.

I could only hope that that they will put as much effort into Sandy relief as they have launching baseless political attacks. I invite them to join me in my ongoing efforts to return displaced families to their homes and reopen the small businesses that have yet to open their doors – instead of wasting time on partisan nonsense that only divides our country and makes average citizens lose more faith in Congress.”

Morning Read: ‘Pointing to the Brood II Insect Outbreak’