Morning Read: ‘Polite But Uncooperative With Cops’

An "NYC Is Not for Sale" mailer against Speaker Quinn. Full ad here.

A “NYC Is Not for Sale” mailer against Speaker Quinn. The full ad can be viewed here.

Headline of the Day: “Joe Lhota Would Try To Enjoy Elephant Dung-And-Vajayjay Virgin Mary Painting Now.”

District leader Mark Levine scored yet another union endorsement for his Council bid in the form of Teamsters Joint Council 16. “Mark Levine has a strong track record as a fighter for the working class,” union president George Miranda said in a statement. “We know that in the City Council Mark will work with us to ensure that our members are treated fairly, have safe working conditions and are included in the legislative discourse.”

Assemblywoman Vivian Cook, who is reportedly connected to State Sen. Shirley Huntley but was not named in yesterday’s wire tap list, strangely had her home broken into on Monday. According to the New York Post: “The burglar went through Cook’s personal papers after bypassing many valuables, the source said. Cook — who was in Albany when the break-in occurred — was polite but uncooperative with cops, another source said.”

State Senator Dan Squadron is still not waiting for a conviction to call for his colleagues’ resignations. After Sen. Malcolm Smith was arrested on bribery charges, Mr. Squadron said, “Regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges … he has lost the public trust — and he should resign.” Politicker asked the public advocate candidate’s spokeswoman if the same applied to Monday’s arrest of Sen. John Sampson. She replied, “Yes.”

In the wake of yesterday’s investigation revelations, Councilwoman Tish James is reportedly eying a bid for Brooklyn borough president, a race currently occupied by State Sen. Eric Adams, who has not been accused of any wrongdoing. Ms. James issued a statement soon after the report clarifying, “I am absolutely running for Public Advocate. Rumors to the contrary are unfounded. In fact, our campaign continues to pick up support across the City.”

Both Politico and the Washington Post looked into what the former Gov. Mark Sanford‘s electoral win means for certain New York politician looking to make a comeback. And, while The New York TimesNate Silver doesn’t name-check former Rep. Anthony Weiner, he penned a piece entitled, “Sanford and the Electoral Effect of Sex Scandals.” For his part, asked about Mr. Weiner, Mr. Sanford said, “I wouldn’t presume to give any other politician advice.”

Bill Thompson is reportedly close to securing the support of the United Uniformed Workers of New York–a group of unions representing 120,000 active and retired members–for his mayoral campaign. Mr. Thompson, along with fellow Democrats Sal Albanese and John Liu, were the only candidates invited back for a second interview. Mr. Thompson further announced the endorsement of former Lt. Gov Dick Ravitch yesterday.

While long-shot mayoral candidate Ceceilia Berkowitz gave her campaign pitch on PIX11. “Well, Mayor Bloomberg, we became good friends over the course of the past year and I’ve seen everything he’s done,” she said when asked why she wanted the top job in City Hall, adding that the mayor kisses her on the cheek. “He looks about as good as my boyfriend. He’s quite nice in person. So we get along quite well.”

Mayor Michael Bloomberg was busy yesterday, however, at a cruise ship press conference where he may have suggested Bermuda and the Bahamas are more welcoming than Manhattan. “Mr. Prime Minister, I play a lot of golf both on your island and on the premiere’s island,” he said. “It’s fair to say that these two islands, and I’ve been to a lot of islands in my last 71 years, you never are made to feel as welcome as you are in both of these places. “

And New York True looked at the endless mayoral candidate forums:

Morning Read: ‘Polite But Uncooperative With Cops’