Morning Read: ‘The Governor in a Bow Tie, Preferably With Polka Dots’

Two presidential candidates marching yesterday together. (Photo: NY Governor's Office/Flickr)

Two potential presidential candidates parading together yesterday. (Photo: NY Governor’s Office/Flickr)

Headline of the Day: “Who Said It: Vito Lopez Versus The Office’s Michael Scott.”

Runner-Up: “The Peace Bridge (What Else?) Sets Off a Cuomo-Canada War.”

BuzzFeed compiled more fun anecdotes from former Congressman Anthony Weiner‘s parade day yesterday: “‘Wave! Do something!’ says one of the six photographers pacing backward ahead of the candidate, tired of the same shot. ‘Wave? Do something?’ Weiner says. ‘Why don’t you just do an oil painting and take all the fun out of it?'”

There might be more fun to be had today as Mr. Weiner takes a Citi Bike to a 3:30 pm education debate, followed by an Uptown forum at 7 p.m and a Jewish Press forum tomorrow night. Recent Weiner critic Howard Wolfson offered Mr. Weiner his helmet for the ride.

Meanwhile, New York Post columnist Nicole Gelinas had a positive take on Mr. Weiner’s candidacy: “Want an idea of how limp the Democratic mayoral field is? It finally has a candidate offering specifics on how New York can avoid going bankrupt. But it’s Anthony Weiner, the guy with nothing left to hide and nothing to lose.”

In an in-depth City & State profile, State Senator Eric Adams explains his Republican past with this: “It was for that reason and that reason only that I decided to motivate my Democrat brothers and sisters for a short time by taking symbolic action, in order to make real change on what I thought was New York’s most pressing issue during those years.”

Mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota detailed his positions on Jewish issues and his work in the Giuliani administration on the community’s behalf: “I maintained those relationships through the community. During the Giuliani administration, the Jewish community was understood, and I think there was a reciprocal affection in the administration for the Jewish community.”

And there’s a bow-tie trend taking place in Albany. Assemblyman Michael Benedetto accordingly quipped, “I would like to see the governor in a bow tie, preferably with polka dots. Maybe it could signal the end of session in June.” However, the Albany Times-Union noted, “Normally the governor favors soft-colored ties with a small, often New-York-themed print. His spokesman declined to comment.”

Morning Read: ‘The Governor in a Bow Tie, Preferably With Polka Dots’