National Plumbers union fills GOP coffers

Tucked into the latest campaign finance filing from the Republican state committee is a surprising entry that won’t sit well with the campaign of gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono.

In February, the UA Political Action Fund donated $25,000 to the state GOP.   The UA -or United Association – is the name of the national plumbers union, which endorsed Gov. Chris Christie for governor a month after the donation hit.

The group also donated $7,600 split between Christie’s primary and general campaigns.

The $32,600 to Christie and the GOP are the only donations to Republicans going back at least two years.  In that span, the UA has contributed more than $1 million to candidates and campaigns across the country, almost half to the Democratic Governors Association.  Another $150,000 went to Priorities USA Action, the Super PAC that helped President Obama get reelected. 

The group also has helped out New Jersey Democrats in the past with $24,600 going to Democratic Sens. Dick Codey, Jim Whelan and Bob Gordon for their 2011 reelection bids.

The group may have hedged its GOP donation with one for the same amount to the Democratic Lieutenant Governor’s Association.  But in the last election cycle the UA donated $500,000 to the DGA, $200,000 through this point in 2012.

National Plumbers union fills GOP coffers