Boozehounds, Beware! NYC Bars Skimping on Beer Pint Sizes

There’s a scandalous new measurement controversy sweeping the NYC beverage world, and this time, we can’t even blame Bloomberg.

According to the weights and measures sticklers over at The New York Post, a number of city bars are shortchanging customers by serving pints in twelve to fourteen ounce glasses, instead of the standard sixteen ounce glasses.

The rigorous scientific study determined that 9 out of fifteen bars in the East Village, West Village and Williamsburg serve pints in glasses less than sixteen ounces. Some culprits include Three Sheets Saloon and Blind Tiger in the West Village, Vbar St. Marks and the Village Pourhouse in the East Village, and No Fun on the Lower East Side.

“If you order a pint, you expect to get a pint — not less. It’s not cool,” said Village Pourhouse customer Marcos Rodriguez. According to The Post, the Pourhouse’s pints measured a paltry twelve ounces. Not cool, guys.

Pourhouse co-owner Erika London claimed that while her beers were proper pints, “some of the signature glassware that the beer distributors provide us with look smaller than the average glass, but we are instructed to use them by the distributor.”

Personally, we blame the Imperial System. And Bloomberg, just cause. Boozehounds, Beware! NYC Bars Skimping on Beer Pint Sizes