Oroho rips Dems for changing firearms bill

TRENTON – Senate Republicans are decrying a decision by their Democratic counterparts to change language in a gun reform bill scheduled for a vote Thursday.

Sen. Steve Oroho, (R-24), says Democrats are planning to reverse a position they took during a committee hearing earlier this month with respect to a proposed bill that seeks to prohibit state-administered pension funds from investing in manufacturers of civilian-use firearms.

Oroho says Democrats agreed to remove a provision in the bill – S2467/S2471 – that sought to exempt certain retailers. Democrats voted on the amended bill, but now intend to align the bill with the Assembly version – A3668 – that returns to the original language, the senator said in a statement.

“After sensibly agreeing to remove the requirement at a May 9 public meeting, Senate Democrats have reinstated the very clause that they publicly removed,” Oroho said. “I’m disappointed that public action taken by Democrats apparently doesn’t hold up behind closed doors.”

Oroho suggested there could be “political motives for this flip-flop.” He argued returning to the original language will hurt the state’s pension fund by holding off from investing in retailers that are not breaking the law.

Senate Democrats did not immediately respond for comment. Oroho rips Dems for changing firearms bill