Pack Heavy for Your European Art Trip, Get Free Stuff

img-horowitz-free_093425763044.jpg_standaloneFolks, this is a public service announcement reminding you that if you want to pick up some free stuff at Jonathan Horowitz’s Free Store during Art Basel, you will have to bring some stuff to drop off at the store. Got that straight? Now, while it is technically true that bundling up all your crappy complimentary hotel toiletries from your room at the Swiss Hotel or the Ramada or wherever, plus the towels and slippers and robe and things, walking across the Messeplatz, dropping them off and picking up a stereo or a pair of $300 Prada trainers that someone else, someone better than you, brought and dropped off, would be entirely within the rules, it just isn’t good form, now, is it? What we’re trying to tell you here is that we know you want to pack light but this time think of others and pack heavy. What did you say? “Oh, now I have to schlep all this stuff to Venice, too.” Yes, now you have to schlep all this stuff to Venice, too. Quit complaining. Remember the Free Store from its Miami incarnation? It was pretty cool. Below, the e-mail from Free Store administrators Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.


We wanted to write and offer a polite reminder for your participation in Free Store, Jonathan Horowitz’s project for Unlimited Art Basel.

We hope you’ll include some items in your shipment when it leaves this week or in your luggage when you fly.

Anything that you think might be of use or interest to someone would be welcome:  clothing, books, house wares, furnishings, art – absolutely anything. And you are of course welcome to take away anything you that you would like.

Please bring your items to the entrance to Unlimited Hall 1 on Isteinerstrasse or get in touch and we can collect them from you at the fair.

More details here

We really appreciate you getting involved!


Gavin Brown’s enterprise

Pack Heavy for Your European Art Trip, Get Free Stuff