Permit ID card bill held by Senate

TRENTON – A gun bill that was originally slated for a vote Monday was held during to “a drafting error,” according to Senate Democrats.

Senate President Steve Sweeney’s bill, S2723, was held from a vote after a paragraph was omitted in the final bill, Sweeney told reporters just prior to the Senate voting to amend the proposal. Shortly after the session concluded, Sweeney spokesman Chris Donnelly issued a statement calling the error “disappointing.”

“Due to a drafting error, the Senate president’s legislation creating a national model of instant background checks had to be held,” Donnelly said. “Senate President Sweeney is disappointed the Senate was not able to take this landmark step today, but he looks forward to doing so at the next voting session.”

Assembly leaders also issued statements following Monday’s session expressing disappointment in an “incomplete” gun reform proposal that lacked further restrictions on the size of gun magazine clips, but said they intended to review the proposals already voted on.

“The Assembly has led the fight for meaningful gun violence prevention legislation, and while the Senate package is incomplete without ammunition magazine limits, we will review the revised bills to see if they continue to meet the Assembly’s standards. If so, the Assembly will move forward appropriately while continuing the fight to limit ammunition capacity,” Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said in a statement.

Assembly Leader Louis Greenwald echoed her comments.

“I’ve been working closely with gun safety advocates to facilitate the changes that were made to the bills in the Senate. I met with them last week to review each bill point-by-point to ensure these measures represent meaningful reform, as they did when they were approved by the Assembly,” he said.

“We will now take a close look at these bills to make certain they indeed represent meaningful reform and will continue our fight with gun safety advocates to limit ammunition capacity, but we’re encouraged by the progress. This package is incomplete without the ammunition restrictions – and it’s a matter when, not if, that bill passes – but we are taking steps forward.”

The bill that was held dealt with revisions to handgun purchase permits and established new ID cards that would have data embedded in a driver’s license. The bill also provides for instant background checks.

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