Photographers Finally Leave Anthony Weiner’s Apartment Alone


The scene outside Mr. Weiner’s house.

The Observer had a disappointment today when heading down to check out the media circus surrounding Anthony Weiner, and found, well, not much going on.

The upmarket building where the new mayoral candidate lives was much more deserted than expected, without a single reporter left from the past few day’s worth of broadcasting madness. Mr. Weiner, of course, suddenly announced his Gracie Mansion ambitions just Wednesday.

Earlier today, however, the stakeout was apparently in full swing.

“It got crazy,” the doorman assured us. “I’m glad they’re not allowed in.”

The new calm may have something to do with him started the ball rolling on his campaign with a press conference up in Harlem this morning, forcing the legions of undoubtedly tired newspaper representatives to head north, and leaving the Observer to hang around with some guy–not Mr. Weiner–in white trousers and a red cap.

Photographers Finally Leave Anthony Weiner’s Apartment Alone