Republican Candidate Emerges to Run Against David Greenfield

Joseph Hayon and his family. (Photo: Facebook)

Joseph Hayon and family. (Photo: Facebook)

Joseph Hayon, a two-time GOP candidate for different Assembly districts, has a new target in mind this electoral cycle: Councilman David Greenfield.

His candidacy, Mr. Hayon told Politicker this evening, is based off the view that Mr. Greenfield places party politics above the district. In particular, he cited Mr. Greenfield’s endorsement of his colleague, Councilman Lew Fidler, in an unsuccessful bid for the State Senate last year.

“David Greenfield put his Democratic Party before the people from the district,” said Mr. Hayon, who was active in organizing rabbis opposed to Mr. Fidler’s support for same-sex marriage in the race. “We need someone who is going to represent the people of the district first.”

He further accused Mr. Greenfield, who has rallied against childcare voucher cuts in the city budget, of insufficient support of the program, popular in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community. “They got cut under Greenfield’s watch,” Mr. Hayon insisted.

Mr. Hayon narrowly lost a bid against Assemblyman Steve Cymbrowitz in 2010, and after redistricting, decided to challenge neighboring Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein in a far more Democratic district instead. He lost that race last year by a wide, almost 20,000-vote margin.

Mr. Greenfield, with a voting record and issue positions Mr. Hayon didn’t attack, will be a formidable opponent for any challenger, however. The incumbent decisively won his 2010 special election–even though his opponent was backed by Orthodox Jewish power broker Assemblyman Dov Hikind–and has actively worked to build his presence in the district since.

Mr. Greenfield did not immediately return a request for comment.

Republican Candidate Emerges to Run Against David Greenfield