Rumor Roundup: Dave McClure Calls Big Omaha Attendee a ‘Lying Bitch’ and Zynga Employees Run Into Traffic

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Lying Bitches 500 Startups founder Dave McClure, known for his rather dirty mouth, made a big slip-up at the Nebraska-based thinkfluencer festival Big Omaha today. According to Valleywag, Mr. McClure was giving a talk at the conference when he asked someone how good her iPhone battery life was. When she responded with a presumably positive answer, Mr. McClure called her a “lying bitch.” On stage. In front of tons of people.

Mr. McClure responded by clarifying his comment:

Okay then.

Man about Internet Anil Dash stepped into the fray, corroborating Valleywag’s reporting, but saying that Mr. McClure apologized for the faux pas.

But then he added more context:

Wonder if this whole debacle is making Mr. McClure wish for the heady days of reality show stardom.

No One Knows Anything at Twitter Even though Twitter cofounder Jack Dorsey claims that he is “not even thinking” about taking the little company public, that doesn’t mean other people aren’t. Jean-Phillipe Maheu, a Twitter employee and former Bluefin Labs exec, was stopped by an immigration agent at JFK airport, but not for a typical immigration check. Instead, Mr. Maheu was asked the $64,000 question: when the hell is Twitter going to cave and make it rain with an IPO? Mr. Maheu didn’t finish his tweet, so maybe he’s not even thinking about it.

Nuptial Update Are you getting SO PUMPED for Sean Parker’s Medievial Times-themed wedding of the (19th) century on June 1? We know you’re busy polishing off your sword and ironing out the wrinkles in your Elven Hooded cloak, but before you get too carried, you should get acquainted with the surroundings of the wedding’s exotic locale in Big Sur, Calif. It’s a hot spot for celebrity weddings, as discovered. The city, which is about two hours south of the Valley, has seen several (real) celebrities get married like Michael C. Hall, Natalie Portman, and, ugh, Anne Hathaway. If you can’t be an A-lister, you may as well get married like one.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Dorsey Jack Dorsey is really freaking us out this week, perhaps more so than usual. First, he’s doing these weird selfies on his Vine account that nobody can explain, and now apparently he discovered the Marilyn Monroe tag on Tumblr. His always erratic Twitter account that usually spews non-sequiturs and documents the San Francisco sunrise is now spitting out quotes from Ms. Monroe. This one below is particularly special because we ask this every day.

X Marks the Spot Rumors surrounding Microsoft’s new iteration of its Xbox videogame console are in high gear with the nearing of the console’s reveal at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington on May 21. On Tuesday, the International Business Times reported that it had confirmed that the new console would be called Xbox Infinity, although Reddit users appeared to debate the validity of this source. The device, which internally is going by the codename Durango, has seen numerous name ideas emerge, from Xbox 720, NeXtbox, or simply Xbox–just like Apple did with their newest iPad. No Xbox Cheetoh Fingers, then?

Zynga Death Watch Zynga employees appear to be so distressed about the state of their company that they are willingly running into traffic. The Village Voice reports that Zynga NYC’s mobile team had its second annual footrace today:

They waited until one light turned red, made the cross-walk at one side their starting line, and ran through a hastily pulled ribbon at the other cross-walk to finish. There were pictures. And applause. And a lot of people standing around going, “What the f*ck?”

Runnin’ Scared was kind enough to get a video interview, which you can watch below:

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Lafayette Foot Race from Voice Media Group on Vimeo. Rumor Roundup: Dave McClure Calls Big Omaha Attendee a ‘Lying Bitch’ and Zynga Employees Run Into Traffic