Senate passes bills

The state Senate on Monday voted on several bills ranging from improving driver safety, workers compensation, and graduation requirements.

Here is the breakdown of the passed bills.

S69: Increases fines and imposes license suspension for talking or texting on hand-held device while driving.

The bill passed 35-0.

S71: This bill establishes a “Yellow Dot Program” in New Jersey, and is intended to provide emergency responders with critical health information about citizens who are 62 or older or those with chronic illnesses.

Gov. Christie vetoed the bill conditionally, recommending programs be established locally and not run by a statewide agency.

The bill passed 36-0

S87: Permits veterans’ organizations to use net proceeds from games of chance for organizations’ support.

The bill passed 37-1.

S459: Prohibits a student from participating in high school graduation ceremonies unless the student has completed all graduation requirements.

The bill passed 26-8.

S523/A1241: Increases penalties for violations committed by precious metals buyers and requires weights and measures officers to seize scales under certain circumstances.

The bill passed 37-0.

S1778: This bill calls for workers’ compensation coverage for any death or disability if it arises from a public safety worker’s job in response to a terrorist attack, epidemic, or other catastrophic emergency.

The bill passed 21-13

S1819: This bill allows distribution of retirement benefits prior to separation from service to allow public colleges and universities to retain retiring experienced senior faculty members on a limited basis.

The bill passed 37-0

S1912: This bill would require public and nonpublic schools to require that any student enrolled in grades six to 12 have a physical examination prior to participation on a school-sponsored interscholastic or intramural athletic team or squad.

The bill passed 38-0.

S1921: Establishes animal cruelty offense of cruel confinement of a gestating pig.

The bill passed 29-4.

S2137: Provides for screening newborn infants for adrenoleukodystrophy, a rare, inherited disorder that can lead to damage to the brain and adrenal glands and can be fatal.

The bill passed 38-0.

S2138/A3035: This bill allows for electronic mail notification of a possible sale of the personal property of an occupant of a storage facility to satisfy a lien by the owner of the storage facility for unpaid rent and makes certain other revisions to the act.

The bill passed 38-0.

S2151:   This bill would strengthen the enforceability of premarital and pre-civil union agreements. 

The bill passed 34-1.

S2177: This bill, to be known as the “New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act” or the “NJ SAFE Act,” provides 20 days of leave time for an employee who is the victim of domestic violence or sexual assault or whose family or household member was the victim, within one year of the incident of domestic violence or sexual assault.

The bill passed 37-0.

S2288/A3432: This bill requires the Department of Health to develop a diabetes action plan to reduce the impact of diabetes in New Jersey. 

S2291:   This bill requires that every full-time student at a public or private institution of higher education, other than a county college, to maintain health insurance coverage.

The bill passed 34-0.

S2532: Clarifies charitable contributions are not a factor in determining where person is domiciled under New Jersey gross income tax.

The bill passed 38-0.

Senate passes bills