Senate passes numerous gun bills

TRENTON – Senate lawmakers cleared nearly a dozen gun bills out of the upper chamber Monday with very little in the way of heated debate.

The Senate voted on several bills that make up the response of Senate President Steve Sweeney and other lawmakers – including some Republican sponsored bills – to the call for gun and violence reform. The votes came following little debate from lawmakers.

The vote came after Senate lawmakers took hours of public comment over the course of several days as the bills went through committee hearings.

But despite public outcry on both sides of the issue, voting session was tame Monday with lawmakers declining to speak on the bulk of the bills that cleared the upper chamber.

The Senate didn’t vote on the complete list of gun bills Monday. Several proposals were held for further revisions.

The following bills cleared the Senate:

S2468: This bill provides for seizure of a vehicle. In order for a person’s motor vehicle to be impounded that person must possess a rifle, shot gun, or handgun for an unlawful purpose or the vehicle was used in the commission of a separate crime of the first through fourth degree.

Passed 36-0

S2715: Requires the Department of Education to prepare and distribute informational pamphlets on how parents can limit a child’s exposure to media violence.

Passed 36-0

S2718/A3797: This bill would require that information relating to the crime of firearms trafficking be included in the annual crime report the Attorney General prepares and transmits to the Governor and Legislature.

Passed 25-13

S2719: This bill enhances the penalties for certain firearms offenses, including traffickers, and for dealers who knowing sell weapons to someone who then gives them to someone who is disqualified from ownership.

Passed 36-0

S2720: Clarifies that information concerning the total number of firearms purchaser identification cards and permits to purchase a handgun issued in a municipality are public records.

Passed 36-0


S2722/A3796: Provides 180-day window for persons to dispose of unlawfully possessed firearms.

Passed 26-10

S2725: Provides that possession of air or spring gun for an unlawful purpose is a crime of the third degree. That would mean a prison term of three to five years and/or a fine of up to $15,000.

Passed 37-0

S2492/A3717: Requires submission of certain mental health records to National Instant Criminal Background Check System.

Passed 35-1

S2430: Declares violence a public health crisis, recommends expansion of mental health programs, recommends federal adoption of gun control measures, and establishes a “Study Commission on Violence.”

Passed 22-10

S2724/A3583: This bill establishes an 11-member School Security Task Force to study and develop recommendations for improving school security and safety, and ensuring a safe learning environment for students and school employees.

Passed 38-0

Senate passes numerous gun bills