Sinatra’s Storied Penthouse Snagged By Chinese Scion

The exact same staircase used in Apple stores.
The exact same staircase used in Apple stores!

Frank Sinatra’s old duplex at 530 East 72nd Street finally got under someone’s skin. And this despite a “meticulous” renovation in recent years that included the installation of the exact same staircase as the one in the Apple stores and some other rather hideous unique design choices.

The New York Post reports that the “glittering grotto in the sky”—as Andy Warhol once referred to the Sinatra-era party pad—is in contract to the daughter of a Chinese technology tycoon. Maybe she found the Apple staircase homey?

The price cut that the four-bedroom co-op took—dropping from $7.7 million to $5.49 million since being listed with Rubicon Property founder Jason Haber and broker Gregory Spock last August—was no doubt another appealing feature. Other swanky touches include 18-foot ceilings and massive, wrap-around terraces with a putting green and solar panels. (There’s nothing like a putting green on your terrace for when you want to throw a really classy party.)

And seller Penny Hart, who paid just $2.3 million for the pad in 2010, should also be pleased despite getting less than she’d initially hoped. There is, after all, a price to be paid for really doing a renovation your way.

At least if the buyer closes soon they’ll be an opportunity to enjoy the summer wind from those terraces. The apartment overlooks both the East River and the FDR—supposedly Sammy Davis Jr.’s favorite place to throw his empty champagne glasses (we’re sure the passing motorists loved that).

Sinatra’s Storied Penthouse Snagged By Chinese Scion