Star Ledger endorses Fulop in JC contest

The state’s largest paper has endorsed Councilman Steve Fulop in his bid to unseat Jersey City Mayor Jerry Healy in next week’s non-partisan mayoral race.

The endorsement from the Star Ledger calls Healy “damaged,” “ineffective, unethical and often downright embarrassing.”

While savaging Healy, the paper calls the challenger a “councilman of rare energy and talent.”

“He offers a menu of sensible reforms, such as closing the independent authorities that serve as unaccountable patronage mills, and absorbing their functions into the city government,” The Star Ledger editorial board wrote. “He wants to ensure public schools get a share of the payments made by firms that get tax abatements. As a councilman, he won approval over Healy’s objections of key ethics reforms, including a ban on political donations from city contractors.”

The paper took Healy to task over the arrest of much of his inner circle four years ago as part of Operation Bid Rig and for some of the “bizarre” episodes he’s been involved in.

“It is an act of chutzpah for Mayor Jerramiah Healy to place his name on the ballot after the bulk of his inner circle was convicted on corruption charges in the 2009 Operation Bid Rig case. Healy wants voters to believe he knew nothing, that his senior people were taking cash-stuffed envelopes behind his back,” the board wrote. “To say that’s hard to believe is being kind. But if it is true, Healy was dangerously clueless about the culture of his own team.”

On Wednesday, Fulop got the nod from the Jersey Journal.



Star Ledger endorses Fulop in JC contest